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Welcome to our post on the best gyms in Dusseldorf and everything you need to know about working out around the area. It won’t take us long to cover just about everything you need to know about fitness here.

The best gyms near you will be how we kick this off but there is still plenty more to come after that. We will talk about the best places to go for spinning and indoor cycling, as well as the best boxing and MMA gyms in your area.

Once they are covered in full we will dive into the best pilates and yoga studios in Dusseldorf. Other topics on working out near you like bootcamps and barre exercises will be getting their own sections in this fitness guide as well.

You can easily get a sweat in outside of the best local gyms so the top outdoor recreation areas in the region will get a mention. And following all of that we will talk about where you can buy sporting goods and home gym equipment in Dusseldorf.

You can find more info about the best gyms in Europe at that link.

Best Gyms In Dusseldorf

Here is our list of the best gyms in Dusseldorf for working out:

If you need 24 hour gym access then McFit is right for you. You can find zumba and other cardio dance classes at Holmes Place, McFit, Fitnessloft, Fitness First and Fit In.

Move Kletterhalle and Monkeyspot are the best gyms for indoor climbing near you. Vitalis Health Center where to go for sports rehab

Spinning & Indoor Cycling Classes

Becycle Dusseldorf has a studio dedicated to indoor cycling at Oststr. 54-56. You can also find more spinning classes at some of the best gyms in Dusseldorf from our initial list like Holmes Place, McFit and Fitnessloft.

Boxing & MMA Gyms Near You

Fighting is also great cardio and the best boxing and MMA gyms in your area are:

The above are best if you want to learn serious boxing or MMA techniques while you can try cardio kickboxing classes at Holmes Place or Fitnessloft.

Yoga & Pilates Studios In Dusseldorf

There are also many good yoga and pilates studios in Dusseldorf like:

Holmes Place, Fitnessloft and Fitness First from our initial list offer both. Fit In has yoga classes in your area as well.

No matter if you want to find vinyasa, hatha flow, hot, bikram, power, ashtanga or other popular techniques there are plenty of options. Click the above links to locate the best yoga or pilates studio near you for your own personal goals.

Workout Bootcamps

Buy sporting goods Dusseldorf gyms yoga pilates

Original Bootcamp which is usually held at Rheinpark will really give you the kick in the butt you need. Holmes Place from our initial list also has bootcamps.

Barre Exercises

Youpila located at Jülicher Str. 14 is a great place to find barre exercise classes near you. You can also find barre and a variety of other Les Mills group fitness classes at Holmes Place.

Best Places For Outdoor Recreation

Getting some sun is always a good idea. Many people prefer to run or ride bikes when the weather is nice and some great places for outdoor recreation and fitness are:

  • Stadt-Natur-Park
  • The Hofgarten
  • Aussichtspunkt am Elbsee
  • Schloss Benrath
  • Spee’scher Graben
  • Rhine River Promenade

Where To Buy Sporting Goods In Dusseldorf

You may need to buy some things that will help you workout or visit the gym, and the best sporting goods stores in Dusseldorf are:

Home Gym Equipment Near You

You can probably find some at those stores we just listed, but you can also buy home gym equipment in your area at:

Just so you know we have also covered:

Enjoy Working Out At Dusseldorf Gyms

There should be nothing left to hold you back now that you have read about all of those local gyms, spinning classes, yoga studios, outdoor recreation spots, and places to buy equipment for working out near you. If you happen to notice anything out of date on this page or if you have any of your own local fitness tips to share please tell us in the comments.

Have fun visiting the best gyms in Dusseldorf or working out wherever you feel like getting a sweat in.

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