Best Gyms In Istanbul & Local Workout Guide

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Thanks for checking out our post on the best gyms in Istanbul and everything you need to know about fitness and working out near you. We know your time is of utmost importance so we will get right to it.

There probably isn’t a better way for us to kick this off then by listing the best Istanbul gyms. Once they are out of the way we will be moving on to studios for spinning or indoor cycling classes, as well as our favorite boxing and MMA gyms in your area.

The best pilates and yoga studios near you will absolutely have to get their own sections. As we continue to move forward other subjects on working out like bootcamps and barre exercises will be covered too.

Everyone reading this probably loves the gym but isn’t your only option for cardio so the top outdoor recreations areas in the region and around Turkey will be listed. And the best stores to buy sporting goods or home gym equipment near you will wrap it all up.

You may also want to look through this lengthy list of posts we have done on cities around Europe.

Best Gyms In Istanbul

Here is our list of the best gyms in Istanbul for working out:

Anyone that requires 24 hour gym access can get it at Stoneiron. If you would like a swimming pool then Club Sporium is where you will need to go.

Group zumba and aerobic dance classes are more popular than ever and you can find them at Club Sporium or Plus Fitness Club. Club Sporium can also provide childcare while you workout.

Boulder Istanbul is the top indoor climbing gym in your area.

Spinning & Indoor Cycling Classes Near You

Urban Riders Palladium located at Barbaros Mahallesi Halk Caddesi No 1 is a good indoor cycling studio. There are more group spinning classes available at Club Sporium, Macfit, and Flash Gym.

Boxing & MMA Gyms

If you have dreams of being the next world champion these boxing and MMA gyms may help get you that belt:

Yoga & Pilates Studios In Istanbul

We bet many of you would enjoy these Istanbul yoga or pilates studios:

Club Sporium, Macfit, and Plus Fitness Club from our initial best gyms near you list also offer both yoga and pilates group classes. Noa Gym has pilates lessons.

With so many varieties of poses and techniques like vinyasa, hot, bikram hatha flow, ashtanga, power and many more we really don’t know what you are after. The links to the above studios should help you figure out which one is best for you.

Workout Bootcamps

Buy sporting goods Istanbul gyms yoga pilates

45 Boot Camp at Halaskargazi Rumeli Cd. No:15 Şişli is where to go when you really want to step your game up. As you can see from the above photo Club Sporium also has a variety of unique ways to work out that many would consider similar to a bootcamp.

Barre Exercises

We do not currently know of any barre exercise studios or gyms with barre workout classes in your area. If you do please tell us in the comments at the end of this post.

Best Places For Outdoor Recreation Near You

When you want to get some sun you can go hiking, running, or riding bikes outside of the best gyms in Istanbul at one of these outdoor recreation areas:

  • The Gulf of Gokova
  • Oludeniz Beach
  • National Park
  • Bosphorus Bridge
  • Galatasaray Bath
  • Istiklal Avenue
  • Mount Ararat
  • The Aegean

Where To Buy Sporting Goods In Istanbul

These sporting goods stores are great places to buy new gear or equipment:

Home Gym Equipment

The list we just shared is likely to have some options but you can also buy home gym equipment at:

By the way we have also written about:

Enjoy Working Out At Istanbul Gyms

We wish we had more to offer but for now that is all we’ve got. After reading about all of those gyms, spinning classes, yoga studios, outdoor recreation spots around Turkey, and places to buy equipment for working out near you you should feel a lot better about what comes next. We will be back often to update this page so that these lists stay fresh.

We would be grateful if you could help us out by sharing your own local fitness tips or letting us know if we got anything wrong in the comments. Have fun visiting the best gyms in Istanbul or working out in whichever way you prefer.

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