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Thanks for checking out our post on the best gyms in Buffalo and everything you need to know about fitness and working out near you. Within a few short minutes you should have a much greater understanding of the local fitness options.

The best Buffalo gyms will be where we begin, but after that we still will have a lot to get to. Spinning and indoor cycling as well as the best boxing and MMA gyms in your area will come next.

Following them we will discuss the best local pilates and yoga studios. Other topics on working out like bootcamps and barre exercises will be getting a mention as we move forward.

The top outdoor recreation areas in the city will be listed for those who want to get some cardio under the sun. And following all of that we will talk about where you can buy sporting goods and home gym equipment in Buffalo.

You can read more of our other posts on working out in the Northeastern US at that link.

Best Gyms In Buffalo

Here is our list of the best gyms in Buffalo for working out:

Those who need a pool and basketball court can go to The JCC or the LA Fitness on Elmwood. For a 24 hour gym in Buffalo you can go to Ellicott Square Fitness.

Central Rock Gym is where you can go for indoor rock climbing. The best gyms near you that offer zumba classes are Catalyst Fitness and The JCC.

Spinning & Indoor Cycling Classes Near You

Some of the best spinning and indoor cycling classes for cardio in your area can be found at:

Catalyst Fitness from our initial best Buffalo gyms list also offers spinning classes.

Boxing & MMA Gyms

Fighting is an underrated way to get your cardio and the best boxing and MMA gyms in Buffalo are:

Many of the spots from our initial best gyms near you list have Les Mills BodyCombat or other combat cardio classes. The ones in this list are for the people who want to improve their boxing or MMA skills.

Yoga & Pilates Studios In Buffalo

There are also many good local yoga and pilates studios to get your fitness in like:

You can find both yoga and pilates in your area at The JCC while Central Rock Gym offers yoga. We know that there are many varieties of yoga from vinyasa to bikram to hot to power plus ashtanga and… you see where we are going.

Click the above links to try and find the right studio for your own personal needs. Evolation offers yoga teacher training courses.

Workout Bootcamps

Buy sporting goods Buffalo gyms yoga pilates

If you are struggling to find the drive and desire necessary to get in shape try a workout bootcamp and some of the best in town are:

Catalyst Fitness also offers workout bootcamps.

Barre Exercises

These are another way to workout that is growing in popularity and you can find barre exercises near you at:

The JCC has a barre and pilates fusion class that is a unique way to get in shape.

Best Places For Outdoor Recreation Near You

As we mentioned before the gyms in Buffalo are not the only places to workout. Many people prefer to run or ride bikes outside and some great places for outdoor recreation are:

  • Delaware Park
  • Canalside
  • Devil’s Hole State Park
  • Whirlpool State Park
  • Gallagher Beach
  • Lake Erie
  • Niagara River
  • Wilkeson Pointe
  • Sprague Brook Park
  • Cattaraugus Creek
  • Buffalo Harbor State Park
  • Tifft Nature Preserve
  • Wilkeson Pointe
  • Letchworth State Park
  • Buffalo Olmsted Parks
  • Chestnut Ridge Park

Where To Buy Sporting Goods In Buffalo

When you need to buy some new gym equipment the best sporting goods stores in Buffalo are:

Home Gym Equipment

Those local sporting goods stores will likely sell some home gym equipment in your area but you can also find more at:

By the way we have also written about the fitness scene in:

Enjoy Working Out At Buffalo Gyms

After reading about all of those gyms, spinning classes, yoga studios, outdoor recreation spots, and places to buy equipment for working out near you there should be nothing left to hold you back. We will return to update this page a couple times a year so that these lists stay fresh.

If you notice anything incorrect or if you would like to share your own local fitness tips please use the comments at the bottom of this post to let us know. Have fun visiting the best gyms in Buffalo or working out in whichever way you prefer.

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