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Welcome to this post that will break down the best gyms in Adelaide and everything you need to know about working out around the area. It won’t take us long to help you learn a lot more about the local fitness scene.

We will kick this off with the best gyms near you but there is still plenty more to come after that. We will be mentioning the best places to go for spinning and indoor cycling, as well as the best boxing and MMA gyms you can visit in your area.

Once they are out of the way we will get into the best pilates and yoga studios in Adelaide. Other topics on working out like bootcamps and barre exercises will be getting their own sections of this fitness guide.

The top outdoor recreation areas in the region will get a shout out for those who like to get some sun. And following all of that we will talk about where you can buy sporting goods and home gym equipment in Adelaide.

Before we get too deep into this we want to let you know you can read more of our posts on gyms in Australia at that link.

Best Gyms In Adelaide

Here is our list of the best gyms in Adelaide for working out:

Many of the above gyms will also offer classes on some of the subtopics we are also discussing so we will list them in those sections. Those of you who need a 24 hour gym in Adelaide can go to Your World Fitness 24/7, Snap Fitness 24/7, or Anytime Fitness.

The Aquatic Center is the only gym we know of with a pool and they have special fitness plans for people over 50 plus they also offer corporate bootcamps. Iron Industry is a great gym for serious weightlifting and you can even get free nutrition advice when you are a member.

The last two are indoor climbing gyms in your area.

Spinning & Indoor Cycling Classes

Studio360Cycle at 1194-1196 South Rd in Clovelly Park is a great place to find spinning classes near you and you can also try some indoor cycling classes out at Goodlife Health Club.

Boxing & MMA Gyms Near You

You can get great cardio this way and the best local boxing and MMA gyms are:

Iron Industry from the main best Adelaide gyms list has many different classes for various types of mixed martial arts and Yourworld offers kickboxing classes. Southside focuses on Muay Thai and has classes for kids and adults as well as a ladies only area.

Tractor offers varying types of boxing lessons which include special lessons for improved fitness as well as their popular Music Box night classes. Riker’s Gym covers many types of MMA like Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and more.

Matrix MMA offers a holistic approach to self defense, and Red Star has a 24 hour gym in your area to go along with boxing classes that begin as early as 6am.

Yoga & Pilates Studios In Adelaide

There are also many good yoga and pilates studios in Adelaide like:

Iron Industry and Goodlife Health Club are good places to find yoga classes, as is The Barre Clinic. Just about all of the above will have popular options like hot yoga and/or vinyasa.

Those who are looking for local yoga teacher training can get it at Flow.

Workout Bootcamps

Sometimes we all need a little extra motivation and you can get it by going to workout bootcamps and you can find some here like:

Barre Exercises

Barre exercises are getting more popular by the day and good places to try them out are:

The Barre Clinic offers barre hiit, adult ballet, yoga, and teacher training classes.

Best Places For Outdoor Recreation

You can workout pretty much anywhere so you don’t always have to go to the gym. Many people prefer to run or ride bikes when the weather is nice and some great places for outdoor recreation and fitness are:

  • Waterfall Gully
  • Morialta Conservation Park
  • Black Hill Conservation Park
  • Pioneer Women’s Trail
  • Cleland Wildlife Park
  • Torrens Linear Park Trail
  • Shiraz Trail
  • McLaren Vale
  • Coast Park Trail
  • Mount Lofty
  • Limestone Coast
  • Port Noarlunga Beach
  • Goolwa Beach

Torrens Linear Park Trail spans over 30 kilometers from the foothills to the beaches. Those who want to go surfing will have a great time at Port Noarlunga Beach.

Where To Buy Sporting Goods In Adelaide

You may need to buy some things that will help you workout or visit the gym, and the best sporting goods stores in Adelaide are:

As you can see Rundle Mall has quite a few different sporting goods stores to choose from.

Home Gym Equipment Near You

You can probably find some at those stores we just listed, but you can also buy home gym equipment in your area by going to Fitness Warehouse located at 2 Commercial Estate on Main North Road in Parafield.

Just so you know we have also covered the workout scene in:

Enjoy Working Out At Adelaide Gyms

After finding out more about all of those gyms, spinning classes, yoga studios, outdoor recreation spots, and places to buy equipment for working out near you your confidence should be as high as it has ever been before. We wanted to ask that if you notice anything out of date on this page or if you have any of your own fitness tips to share please tell us in the comments.

Have fun visiting the best gyms in Adelaide or working out in whatever way you enjoy the most.

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