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Hello and welcome to our post about the best gyms in Sacramento where we will try to cover just about all there is to know about working out near you. We aren’t the type of site that likes to ramble and waste your time so we will get right to it.

There may not be a more natural way to begin than by listing the best Sacramento gyms. Once they have been thoroughly discussed the best studios for spinning or indoor cycling classes as well as our favorite boxing and MMA gyms in your area will get their own sections.

Local pilates and yoga studios will come next and we know many of you are here to learn more about them. More topics on working out like bootcamps and barre exercises will get a shout out as things progress.

The gym is great but so are outdoor recreations areas so we will tell you about some of the top places to get some sun in the region. And finally the best stores to buy sporting goods or home gym equipment near you will take us out of here.

Those that are curious can check out our other posts on the Pacific Northwest at that link.

Best Gyms In Sacramento

Here is our list of the best gyms in Sacramento for working out:

If you need local gym access any time day or night both 24 Hour Fitness locations are going to be your best bet. For a basketball court and swimming pool head to California Family Fitness, Capital Athletic Club, 24 Hour Fitness, and Life Time Athletic.

Group zumba or aerobic dance classes are available at California Family Fitness, Pipeworks, and 24 Hour Fitness. Pipeworks would get the nod for best indoor rock climbing gym in the region.

You should be able to get childcare while you work out at California Family Fitness, Fitness Rangers, or Life Time Athletic.

Spinning & Indoor Cycling Classes Near You

Teamride at 5535 H St is one of the best indoor cycling studios in your area. Additional group spinning classes are available to the members of California Family Fitness, The Capital Athletic Club, Fitness Rangers, 24 Hour Fitness, or Life Time Athletic.

Boxing & MMA Gyms

For serious training try out these local boxing and MMA gyms:

California Family Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness also put on group boxing classes if cardio is the goal.

Yoga & Pilates Studios In Sacramento

We certainly can’t leave off the best yoga or pilates studios in your area:

There will also be local yoga and pilates classes at California Family Fitness, The Capital Athletic Club, or 24 Hour Fitness. More yoga is available at Life Time Athletic, and more pilates lessons can be found at Fitness Rangers.

Look, there are tons of poses and techniques like vinyasa, hot, bikram hatha flow, ashtanga, power and many more so we really don’t know which you prefer. The links to the above studios should help you end up in the right place.

Workout Bootcamps

Buy sporting goods Sacramento gyms yoga pilates

A workout bootcamp with Fitness Rangers at 1717 34th Street could give you that edge we all sometimes need. California Family Fitness and Fitness Rangers from our main best gyms near you list also have workout bootcamps.

Barre Exercises

Visiting a barre exercise studio is another good way to get in shape quick:

Just like in our last section California Family Fitness and Fitness Rangers also have group barre exercise classes. You can see why they made our initial list.

Best Places For Outdoor Recreation Near You

Going to the gym is great, but you can also try hiking, riding bikes, or just being active at one of these outdoor recreation areas:

  • American River
  • American River Trail
  • Funderland
  • Gold Bug Park
  • The Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park
  • Apple Hill
  • Effie Yeaw Nature Center
  • Auburn State Recreation Area
  • Folsom Lake State Recreation Area
  • Tahoe and Eldorado National Forests
  • Sacramento River

Where To Buy Sporting Goods In Sacramento

These Sacramento sporting goods stores are where to buy your new gear or equipment:

Home Gym Equipment

The list we just shared is also likely to have some but you can buy home gym equipment in your area at:

By the way we have also written about:

Enjoy Working Out At Sacramento Gyms

We wish we had more to offer but for now that is all we’ve got. After reading about all of those gyms, spinning classes, yoga studios, outdoor recreation spots, and places to buy equipment for working out near you you should feel a lot better about what comes next. We will be back often to update this page so that these lists stay fresh.

Our readers would really appreciate it if you would let us know if we said anything incorrect or if you could share your own local fitness tips in the comments. Have fun visiting the best gyms in Sacramento or working out in whichever way you prefer.

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